Noise Rock in the tradition of the 90s Alternative Tentacles with the influence of bands from Jesus Lizard to Zen Guerilla became a quite rare sonic texture these days between the worlds of Stonerrock and the dark edge of current Sludge, Drone and Doom. Originating from the Noise Rock combo Tailgate, UGH! managed to create a completely unique musical world of their own. Neckbreaking uneven rhythms and melodies that stick to the ear, unawaited twists and catchy riffs go along with a deep sense of humour and weltschmerz as well. UGH! makes an artistic statement no-one who is into hard and deep music should miss!


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Formed 2001 by Tim Höfer and Christian Sonnberger after their experimental noiserock-combo 'Tailgate' was history. Sessions with Christian 'Mysto Man' Wiesner resulting in several recordings. 2002 Martin Tagar joins in and - hurray - our first record is finished and releeased at Elektrohasch Platten in 2003, featuring songs with Christian Wiesner, Martin Tagar and several guests like Colour Haze's Stefan Koglek and Satanic Machanic's 'El Presidente'. 2004-2005 touring and recording - the next record 'Meat Fairies' is finished and released at Elektrohasch. 2005-2007 Touring, Songwriting. A 7'' featuring a version of 'Fatburner' and a vesion of Cop Shoot Cop's 'Cut to the Chase' is released at YRUSMTSIM. Martin Tagar leaves 2008 and Burkhard Gottmanns (ex Shoot Dolores, now Bastinado) joins us temporarily. Severeral songs are written. 2009 Burkhard leaves the band. 2010 UGH! decides to record all songs written since 2007. Martin & Burkhard join in. Lots of practising and recording, Ruben Defendi joins for playing violins on 'Ira' and stays to play the guitar. 2012 Finally the record is finished and released at Elekrohasch Platten.